Population of London tops 8.6 million. But how many Kenyans live in the English capital?

London Skyline Panorama from New Zealand High Commission
London Skyline Panorama from New Zealand High Commission. Photo © Christine Matthews (licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence).

London has reached its highest population in history, or 8.6 million people. However, one in three residents were originally born abroad and in some areas half have a different country of birth to Britain.

People originally from India make up the highest numbers, followed by those from Nigeria, Poland and Bangladesh and the capital’s immigrant population will hit five million in 2031, when it will overtake British-born residents for first time.

Kenya appears in tenth place on the list of London residents born overseas with 63,000.

Parfait Street, Whitechapel
Early second generation Bangladeshis in Whitechapel, London in 1986. Photo from Al Cane (used under the Creative Commons licence).

Top ten countries by birth in London other than the UK

Country Population in London
India 267,000
Poland 135,000
Pakistan 113,000
Bangladesh 126,000
Ireland 112,000
Nigeria 99,000
Sri Lanka 86,000
Jamaica 75,000
United States 71,000
Kenya 63,000