Netflix “operating illegally” in Kenya according to Film Classification Board

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has said that American based video-treating service Netflix, which launched recently in Kenya, is operating in illegally.

Chairman of the KFCB, Jackson Kosgey, said today (Wednesday 20 January) that the company did not seek a license from the board before it started streaming two weeks ago.

“If it has to operate in Kenya, let it conform with our regulations and Cap 222.” – Jackson Kosgey

The KFCB have also warned Netflix that they will try to block its service if it does not address concerns over what it sees as unsuitable content, some of which it claims could be a threat to Kenya’s national security.

He claimed that the California-based firm streams movies which contain material that has “shockingly explicit eroticism” and does not conform to Kenyan laws.

“In fact we are just learning about them on the media but they are yet to come to our offices to have their content counter-checked so that it does not go against our national values and morals.”

– KFCB’s Ezekiel Mutua

The board also said it could “not afford to be a passive recipient of foreign content that could corrupt the moral values of our children and compromise our national security”.