The Graham Norton Show: 18.15

Graham Norton Show 18.15
David Attenborough, Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Olivia Coleman, Hugh Laurie and Elle King join Graham Norton. Photo ©BBC

Graham Norton is joined tonight by rapper, actor and music producer Ice Cube, alongside comedian and actor Kevin Hart. Both are currently starring in the big-screen comedy action sequel Ride Along 2 which they are on the show to promote.

The Irish host also talks to broadcaster David Attenborough and actors Hugh Laurie and Olivia Coleman, before subjecting more audience members to the dreaded red chair – so their stories had better be good.

Music is provided by Elle King.

The Graham Norton Show is scheduled for broadcast tonight (26 January) at 22.03 on BBC BRIT (DStv channel 120), with repeat showings on Thursday 28 January at 01.15, Saturday 30 January at 21.00, Sunday 31 January at 13.45 and Monday 1 February at 00.05.