Former Strath Kenya Project volunteer qualifies for National Triathlon Championships

Phoebe Drysdale
Phoebe Drysdale. Photos: Twitter/WoodlandsHouse1 and Instagram/phob_x

Phoebe Drysdale, who was one of last year’s Strath Kenya project volunteers has qualified for the National Triathlon Championships in March.

Strathallan Independant Boarding & Day School supports a small number of carefully selected and important projects in Kenya. Any fundraising generated throughout the year goes directly to the projects they support with no administration or intermediary costs.

Each August, a team of 16 pupils and three staff head out to Nairobi to work with the children and staff with the Strathallan pupils and staff covering 100% of their own costs.

So far, they have been able to fund the following projects:

Mashimoni Squatters Primary School

Strathallan sponsors 40 pupils at Mashimoni Squatters Primary School funding all their schooling (including uniform and food) costs for the entire academic year. The children are selected by the School Headmaster on a ‘needs lead’ basis.

Mashimoni Youth Nursery School, Self-Help Drop-in Centre and Micro-Business Project

Kibera craftsmen have received funds to repair a shack and to build furniture for a small Nursery Unit / Youth Drop-in Centre in Mashimoni, a facility desperately needed by families and the young people in the slum and to give employment to three youngsters who have taken a loan from us to set up chicken rearing projects. They are already paying back these loans and the money will then be used to fund further micro-business projects.

Thomas Barnardo House / Kenya Children’s Home

The school staffs and funds the two week ‘summer holiday’ activities programme for the resident children and support the daily programme for the infants in the Nursery. Using local companies, they have funded the complete rebuild the playpark for the children at the home and have built enduring relationships with the children and key staff.

Mashimoni Primary School pupils
New pupils at Mashimoni Primary School, Kibera pose in their new uniforms. Photo: Twitter/KenChrildrenHome

Connect Micro-Business Project

This project provides significant funding micro-business projects for young people in their home communities via the ‘Connect Project’. The Connect Project and Outreach Project have seen the older orphans being returned to and looked after in their own communities rather than living full time at the orphanage.

It has also been responsible for allowing communities to support youngsters who would have been ‘orphaned’ had their home community not been supported to allow the youngster to stay in that community.

Through funding of community micro-businesses, the local income is boosted, the youngsters have the opportunity to start to support themselves and the outcomes for those youngsters is much more positive than if they had been accommodated at the orphanage throughout their childhood.

The Connect Project has full time staff on the ground in Nairobi, monitoring and supporting our projects and Strathallan pupils receive feedback on the micro-businesses and help in the decision making process to select which ones to support.

Solia Maasai Girls Rescue Centre School

The Solia Maasai Girls Rescue Centre School is described as an “oasis of educational and personal development” and caters for around 120 girls aged between 7 – 18 years of age in a cultural environment where arranged marriages of very young girls and FGM are significant issues.

The girls are highly motivated and have aspirations to attend University, to enable them to become important leaders within their tribe and beyond.

If you would like to make a donation to help finance the Strathallan projects, please visit their JustGiving page.