House of Cards Season 4 begins streaming on Netflix

Frank and Claire continue their pursuit for power, battling everyone in their way, including each other.

Streaming television service Netflix have made the fourth season of House of Cards available online with 13 new episodes of political drama.

Fans of the series will be eager to see how President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) reacts to the fact that his wife Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) is leaving him. Viewers have seen marriage problems between the couple for the umpteenth time but it will be interesting to see how they both will deal with the high profile separation.

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The battle of power has consumed the couple and Spacey’s character struggled during his presidential campaign in the previous season. This time, the Machiavellian politician will try to reconnect with his wife and bid for re-election.

“I feel so blessed that audiences around the world have proven such loyal and passionate viewers. I can’t wait for them to get a look at season four.”  – Kevin Spacey speaking to The Hollywood Reporter

You can watch Season 4 of House of Cards on Netflix now.