Croquet and Wimbledon feature at Braeburn School’s International Day

Braeburn International Day
The Germans and Dutch show off their traditional costumes while the British bring Croquet to Braeburn's International Day in Mombasa. Photos: Twitter/BraeburnMombasa

Braeburn International School in Mombasa have today been celebrating their International Day, where students learn about the different nationalities of their classmates to help promote understanding, tolerance and peace.

Many traditional costumes from around the world were on display making for a very colourful day full of activities with Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Italy, Denmark, South Africa, Belgium, India as well as the UK and Kenya all represented.

The England area of the schools’ International Day featured the quintessentially British Wimbledon, while the children also played croquet and rugby as well as enjoying Russian dancing and learning about Germany’s Oktoberfest.

Also on the menu for International Day, was a wide selection of foods to taste from across the globe.

The school also had a very special Royal visit from Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh (sort of), who suspiciously appeared to share a wardrobe with headteacher Peter Barnard.

The day before, the children had enjoyed another British experience as they sampled what life was like for Victorian students.

Braeburn International School is an EYFS, Primary and Secondary school from 2 to 18yrs. It is an international community with staff and students from all over the globe.

To find out more about Braeburn International School in Mombasa, please visit their website.


  1. This looks like a fantastic day for the pupils AND staff. It’s wonderful that we have such an inclusive education establishment in Kenya.

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