Tonio Trzebinski described mother-in-law as ‘most dangerous woman in Kenya’ court hears

Natasha Illum-Berg. Photo: Facebook

The Nairobi inquest into the death of 41-year-old playboy artist, Tonio Trzebinski, has today been hearing evidence from his mistress, professional game-hunter and author Natasha Illum-Berg.

Weeks before he died, she claims, Mr Trzebinski described his mother-in-law, Dodo Cunningham-Reid, as ‘the most dangerous woman in Kenya’.

“We never discussed exactly what that meant,’ she said. ‘I wish I had asked him all these questions but I was foolishly just planning a future with him and I didn’t take it seriously.” – Natasha Illum-Berg

She added that he was ‘extremely scared’ his wife would hurt him after he asked her for a divorce.

“He said to me he was extremely scared of Anna and her capabilities and on many occasions when I said ‘how bad can it be?’ he said ‘you have no idea what that woman is capable of.'” – Natasha Illum-Berg

Dodo Cunningham-Reid
Mrs Dodo Cunningham-Reid

German-born fashion designed Mrs Trzebinski, told the inquest earlier this week that she discovered the affair after pressing redial on her husband’s phone and recognising Ms Illum-Berg’s voice.

Today, the mistress said that following this, she received a threatening email from Mrs Trzebinski, which warned her: “Wear your protective gear because I will come around.”

Ms Illum-Berg also revealed she was ‘deeply in love’ with the artist, and claimed he wanted to run away with her to Tanzania.

Mrs Cunningham-Reid, reportedly known as Panzer to her friends due her brusque manner, is due to give evidence later today (7 April).


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