Ben Fogle’s Great Migration (Channel 5 preview)

Ben Fogle's Great Migration
Ben Fogle will follow the wildebeest migration in his new Channel 5 show.

British television viewers are in for a treat later this month as adventurer Ben Fogle returns for a brand new 4-part one hour documentary series on Channel 5, giving viewers a front seat view of the great migration of Wildebeest as it occurs across the plains of Africa.

Together with Dr Grant Hopcroft, the only man in the world with permission to satellite tag wildebeest, and in a captivating journey that took him one year to capture, Ben follows the epic 650km trek of the 2 million Wildebeest as they make the dramatic river crossing, migrating from the birthing plains in the Serengeti, over to the wild woodlands of the Maasai Mara, and back to the Serengeti again, all while showcasing the perilous survival that the Wildebeest have to go through across the savannahs.

Along the way, Ben meets the cattle herding Maasai and the hunter-gathering Hadzabe tribe, giving his audience an all-round view of what life is like in the African plains where the migration occurs.

The Great Wildebeest Migration is scheduled to begin on Channel 5 on Friday 22 April at 9pm.


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