CBA to give Ksh140 million to Kenyan state if Jack Marrian skips bail

Jack Marrian
Jack Marrian. Photo: Facebook

The Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) have announced they will give Ksh140 million of British businessman Jack Alexander Wolf Marrian’s family’s money to the state if he fails to appear in court over drug trafficking allegations.

The guarantees were made by Anne Mumbi, who works in the bank’s trade section department, during an appearance at Kibera law court on Thursday

Jack Marrian
Jack Marrian

Her appearance came after the court had issued CBA, the custodian of the family’s money, with a summons to produce records confirming undertaking of surety.

Marrian has been charged alongside clearing company director Roy Mwanthi, whose bond was set as Ksh60 million.

The British businessman and his fellow accused have both denied the charges of trafficking 99.7kg of cocaine worth Ksh598 million and Marrian was granted bail on a Ksh70 million bond.

He had been held on remand prison for close to two weeks pending the processing of his bond which was further delayed after the DPP unsuccessfully tried to block his release arguing that as a British citizen, he was a flight risk.