British government donates poacher fighting equipment to Kenya Wildlife Service

BPST(EA) donating poacher fighting equipment to the KWS. Photo: Twitter/kwskenya

British Peace Support Team (Eastern Africa), have donated equipment to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to aid them in their ongoing fight against poachers in the East African country.

On behalf of the British Government, the BPST(EA) donated the 20-feet container full of armoury equipment and laptops to help the KWS maintain their safe custody of arms and to help fight poaching.


The British Peace Support Team (Eastern Africa) an integrated UK Stabilisation & Military team building regional capacity for UN and African Union Peace Support Ops.

The BPST’s mission is to coordinate UK military assistance to armed forces in Eastern Africa in order to contribute to Security Sector Reform and to increase peacekeeping capacity.

To fulfil this mission it has three main parts:

  • International Mine Action Training Centre (IMATC)
  • Peace Support Training Centre (PSTC)
  • A presence in the Kenyan Defence and Staff College (DSC)

The BPST is one half of the British Army presence in Africa alongside the British Army Training Unit (BATUK).