British charity worker plans final Kenya mission

Alison Stedman
Alison Stedman with Bramwell. Photo: Facebook/Alison Steadman

A British Rotarian has decided to bring her charity work in Kenya to an end after 17 missions over the last 12 years.

Alison Stedman, from Arbroath in Scotland, has dedicated a large part of her life to helping orphans with HIV in Kenya, but has decided that her next trip along with 14 volunteers later this month will be her last.

During her first visit to Nairobi as a volunteer in 2005, she was moved by the human degradation and poverty she witnessed.

“Seeing the toddlers I met all those years ago now healthy, educated, in jobs and with somewhere to live makes every penny raised and every trip worthwhile.

“I am so proud to say that every penny we raise goes to the benefit of the children in one way or another.”

– Alison Stedman

Alison has publicly thanked everyone who has helped her with fundraising and volunteering, but many would agree is her who deserves the thanks.

During her charitable career, her team’s efforts have supplied five houses, a block of four teacher bedsits, two classrooms, irrigation, solar pumping, wells, 100 cooking shelters and a large literacy project in Nyumbani Village in the bush which houses more than 1,000 infected or affected children.

Nyumbani Home in Nairobi is currently home to 135 children with a respite centre holding a further 12 of the most malnourished children from eight slum clinics.