Gemma May completes Kilimanjaro Half Marathon for Team Kenya

Gemma May completes the Kilimanjaro Marathan for Team Kenya. Photo: Instagram/gemmamayfitness
Gemma May after completing the Kilimanjaro Half Marathon. Photo: Instagram/GemmaMayFitness

Former Team Kenya worker Gemma May, successfully completed yesterday’s Kilimanjaro Marathon in Kenya, raising over £500 for her former employer’s fundraising efforts in the process.

Gemma, who used to work for Team Kenya in Ndhiwa, was competing in the half marathon for the second time.

It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done last year so I needed motivation to do it again!

Racers have to tackle the altitude, heat, many hills and off road routes which add to the difficulty of the race. In addition, Gemma says the elite Kenyan athletes competing in the full marathon who race past their fellow runners, show the amateurs how slow they are in comparison.

Speaking on her Just Giving page before the event, Gemma explained the reasons for competing in the race:

“I am doing this for Team Kenya, the charity I worked for a few years ago, as I know that supporting a girls education is the best way to lift a whole community out of poverty and give them the equal opportunity they need.

“After this weekends amazing Women’s March across the world I think we can all agree this is a cause close to all our hearts and many of you know how passionate I am about this.

“Empowering youth in the right way will solve many problems in the future.”

If you would like to contribute to Gemma’s fund raising effort for Team Kenya, you can do so via her Just Giving page.