Tristan Voorspuy cremated at his Deloraine Farm

The body of the late Tristan Voorspuy has been cremated at his Deloraine farm in Rongai constituency.

The South African born rancher who held dual British and Kenyan citizenship, was shot last Sunday after riding out to inspect one of three properties which had been burnt down last Friday by raiders.

The Chairman of the Laikipia Farmers Association, Martin Evans, said former Blues and Royals’ Voorspuy had been a shareholder in Sosian Ranch for more than 15 years and “went to look at the house of a fellow director and friend that had been burnt by invading and well-armed ‘pastoralists’ on Friday.”

According to Evans, Voorspuy was passionate about Laikipia, its land and its wildlife and worked hard to show that cattle ranching and wildlife and people can co-exist if the land is well looked cared for.

“We are very sad and despondent tonight. We have lost a good man and a great friend,” Evans added.

The murder was condemned by UK High Commissioner Nic Hailey and last week, Kenyan MP Mathew Lempurkel was arrested on suspicion of being involved in the shooting, but was later freed on a Ksh200,000 bond.


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