Sara Cox visits Kenya for Comic Relief

British broadcaster Sara Cox has visited a Nairobi slum to see how money raised by fundraiser Comic Relief supports vulnerable children.

While in Kenya, she saw first hand how community health volunteers make a difference to vulnerable youths, like 10-year-old Godfrey.

Godfrey recently lost his mother and is left alone daily as his brother Maxwell, 16, leaves to find work. As well as being orphaned, his home has also burnt down leaving the brothers without a roof over their heads.

While in the slum, Sara meets Lorna, a community volunteer whose work is funded by Comic Relief and works with Godfrey. She spoke to Sara about just how hard it has been for the brothers:

“This family, it’s very painful. They have no mama, they have no papa.

“Godfrey was jovial, but after the mum died, he’s shy.”

In the video, a visibly emotional Sara asks Godfrey, who she describes as “such a brave boy”, about his mother.

“My mother was very lovely, she cooked us food, bought us clothes, paid for our learning at school, and helped with cleaning the dishes,” he says.

Sara points out that being so young, he doesn’t really know how to grieve and the young boy’s suffering is evident.

Last month Comic Relief’s Red Nose Convoy with Reggie Yates, Michaela Coel, David Baddiel, Hugh Dennis, Katie Brand and Russell Kane travelled across Kenya and into Uganda, delivering supplies and equipment to a number of groups on the way.

This year, Comic Relief is taking place today, 24 March, with a live telethon in the UK featuring a number of short films highlighting how money raised is used, along with a variety of comedy sketches including a reunion for the case of Love Actually.

If you would like to donate to Comic Relief and support the good causes they help to fund across the UK and Africa, please visit the website.