Brother of Roger Gower running London Marathon for Born to Fly

Max Gower North London Half Marathon
Max Gower after completing the North London Half Marathon, surrounded by his "coach, fitness trainer and nutritionist".

Max Gower, the brother of murdered British pilot Roger Gower, is running the London Marathon on April 23.

British helicopter pilot Roger, was shot at and killed by elephant poachers in Tanzania while assisting rangers in January last year. The Born to Fly charity was set up earlier this year in Roger’s memory.

The reaction to the news that he was running in the marathon from Max’s friends was very much tongue in cheek.

One said: “I’m surprised, Max. I asked you a few years back what time you could do the 100 metres in, and you responded that you didn’t know because you didn’t do endurance events”

Another commented: “Really? If I had to pick 300 people I know who I thought might run a marathon, you would not be one of them.”

Max himself is under no illusion about the difficulty of the task ahead of him: “No doubt it will be something of a challenge – the knees are behaving like petulant teenagers and refusing to make an effort but the mind is willing and I am going to give it my best shot,” he said.

However, he does have help and will be ably assisted by Pete Williams, Nick Crossley, Khaled Dahlawi and Roger’s boss and friend, Russel Hastings.

Max and his team are trying to raise as much money as possible to support the two school projects that Born to Fly is working on which include Kipsing Secondary School in Kenya.

If you would like to donate to this fundraising effort, you can do so via Max’s JustGiving page.