LibDem leader Tim Farron’s Easter 2017 message

Tim Farron
LibDem leader Tim Farron. Photo: David Spender

Liberal Democrat leader and vocal opponent of the UK leaving the European Union, Tim Farron, has used his Easter message to warn against nostalgia and “turning back the clock”.

He said: “Nostalgia and nationalism have become the fuel for an aggressive and irrational brand of politics that is the opposite of what liberals stand for.”

Tim Farron’s Easter 2017 message

“There was quite a fuss the other week when the National Trust was condemned for taking references to ‘Easter’ out of its publicity for a chocolate egg hunt. This led to angry responses from some in the church and from politicians, including the Prime Minster.

“It turned out that the National Trust had done no such thing and that all those who had got so cross had to wipe the chocolate egg off their faces. It was a reminder that we shouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions and condemn.

“The thing is, even if the story had been true, did it actually matter?  I mean, I hate to break it to you, but there is no reference in the Bible to chocolate eggs or generous bunny rabbits.

“I fear that what the Prime Minster and others were actually getting wound up about was the thought that the National Trust might have been airbrushing out something comfortable and traditional. And given that we are turning the clock back to the early 1970s with Brexit (or indeed the 1580s if we do end up declaring war on Spain), then nostalgia is most definitely the mood of the moment.”