Murdered Briton’s Laikipia lodge closes

Sosian Lodge
Sosian Lodge in Laikipia.

On Monday, the lodge owned by a murdered British rancher Tristan Voorspuy announced its closure following months of being overrun by herders.

The former British army officer was shot dead in March by armed herders searching for grazing land who had driven their cattle onto the private land.

“Since the beginning of the year Sosian, amongst other properties in West Laikipia, has been battling mass land invasions, violence and vandalism.

“Attempts by government forces to rebuff the invaders on a large scale have been unsuccessful thus far.” 

– Laikipia Farmers Association (LFA) statement

Many residents of the area have accused local politicians of inciting violence towards ranchers before elections in August, claiming the men are trying to drive out voters who might oppose them and win votes by promising supporters access to private land.

Among the other victims of the herders was Italian born author and conservationist Kuki Gallmann who was shot in the stomach near her lodge in Laikipia.

As well as illegally grazing more than 100,000 cattle in Sosian during the last five months, herders have also been responsible for killing elephants, zebra, impala and buffaloes.

Laikipia is Kenya’s second most important wildlife area after the famous Maasai Mara, and many large-scale landowners earn money from tourism as well as cattle ranching.

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