British man acquitted of murdering Kenyan lover

Carl Singleton and Peris Ashley Agumbi
Carl Singleton and Peris Ashley Agumbi

A Kenyan court has acquitted a British national who had been charged with the murder of his Kenyan girlfriend.

In court on Thursday (8 June) Justice Hedwig Ong’udi ruled that Carl Gary Singleton, 43, was not guilty of the murder of Peris Ashley Agumbi due to a lack of evidence.

“The evidence adduced herein and relied on by the prosecution is incredible and therefore wanting, if this court were to place the accused on his defence and he lawfully chooses to remain silent, would it go ahead to convict him on the basis of the evidence before it? My answer is No.” – Justice Ong’undi

Mr Singleton was accused of flushing diabetes and hypertension sufferer Ms Agumbi’s life-saving drugs down the toilet.

The judge criticised the prosecution for failing to present evidence to the court to support the allegations rather than merely suspecting the accused to have committed the offence.

Prosecutors also failed to present a key witness who they claimed would have shed light on the whereabouts of Ms Agumbi’s before she died, and information about how the medicines had allegedly been flushed down the toilet was inconsistent.

“In conclusion, I find that the accused is not guilty of murder of the deceased and I acquit him. He shall be set free unless otherwise lawfully held” – Justice Ong’undi

In November 2014, Mr Singleton was charged with killing the fourth-year University of Nairobi student he had allegedly fallen in love with after the pair met through Facebook.

On the night of 19 November, the two had a disagreement and Mr Singleton threw out Ms Agumbi from the apartment they shared in Gachie. After leaving the house without her medicines, she went to Kihara Police Station and reported that the accused had destroyed her medicines and spectacles.

A neighbour testified that Mr Singleton had an anger problem and that he had attacked her the same night when he held her neck, chocking. However, the P3 report did not indicate she had any injuries on her body. A P3 form is a Kenya Police Medical Report Form, which acts as evidence that a violent act occurred and is therefore referred to as an “Exhibit” in court.

Ms Agumbi had tried to get back to the house to collect her medicines, and two days later her medical condition deteriorated. She visited three hospitals, but she died the following day due to acute complications related to uncontrolled diabetes.

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