Scottish trio on housebuilding mission to Kenya

Gathimba Edwards Foundation Challenge House Building
Andrew and Lucy take a break from their building chores. Photo: Facebook/GathimbaEdwardsFoundation

A Scottish couple and their friend are currently volunteering on a house building project in Kenya.

30-year-old Andrew Philp and his wife Lucy, from Stonehaven, have travelled to Ruiru with their friend Lucy Morrison to help a Kenyan man named Daniel and his five children.

Daniel’s wife tragically died after giving birth to twin girls. His situation was compounded when he broke both his arms after falling from a tree while burning its branches.

Tragically, he could only afford to have one arm treated by medical professionals which has seriously impacted his ability to earn a living and support his children through school.

Aberdeen based Gathimba Edwards Foundation, which was co-founded by the athlete Myles Edwards, have co-ordingated the trip which will see the trio help to helping to build Daniel a home.

Andrew, who works as a chartered accountant, said: “My wife will use her background as a teacher and spend some time in the local school, Lucy is going to apply her midwifery knowledge to help provide support to the hospital, and I will use my business background to help local charities with basic book-keeping.”

“It has been almost a year in the making from deciding which charity we wanted to support, to the organising of fundraising,” he added.

The trio hit the ground running, getting stuck in on their first day on the project.

After a very bumpy ride in a tuc tuc to the village, work started on making cement involving lots of wheelbarrow trips, shovelling and mixing.

Their second day began with more water collecting with a neighbour allowing them access to his well. Workmen finished the plastering inside the house while toilet was being worked on.

Gathimba Edwards Foundation Challenge House Building
Andrew gets stuck in to the house building project. Photo: Facebook/GathimbaEdwardsFoundation

Day three saw the red floor being laid which makes the house much easier to keep clean.

Gathimba Edwards Foundation Challenge House Building
The red floor makes it easier to keep the house clean. Photo: Facebook/GathimbaEdwardsFoundation

Work also continued on the toilet and shower and a tree was cleared away to make space for the outdoor kitchen.

Gathimba Edwards Foundation Challenge House Building
Selfie time with Lucy. Photo: Facebook/GathimbaEdwardsFoundation

With the toilet and shower almost complete, day four gave the team some time to have fun and games with local children, including reading stories to the children which were translated into Swahili.

Gathimba Edwards Foundation Challenge House Building
Story time with Lucy. Photo: Facebook/GathimbaEdwardsFoundation

Yesterday, Daniel was taken to a volunteer-run clinic to make progress with getting his arm fixed. However due to the clinic being too busy they were unable to treat him.

Gathimba Edwards Foundation house building
Work continues on Daniel’s house. Photos: Facebook/GathimbaEdwardsFoundation

The volunteers also tidied up the area around the mother’s grave, picking up litter and clearing away plants.

There are so many people in need here. It genuinely sometimes seems like a case of survival of the fittest and a little bit of luck helps.

Light bulbs were installed in the ceiling and the toilet and showers had doors attached while work on cementing the outside of the house began and continued on the outdoor kitchen.