3 Rifles deliver infantry training to KDF troops

Rifles and KDF
The Rifles with the Kenya Defence Force troops. Photo: Twitter/CO_3RIFLES

Instructors from 3rd Battalion The Rifles, a Mechanised Infantry Battalion based in Edinburgh, have been delivering Infantry training to troops from the Kenyan Defence Force (KDF).

Meanwhile, over in Uganda, the 1 Rifles Training Team are currently stationed in Uganda where they are helping prepare a Ugandan battlegroup for an operational deployment to Somalia.

Taking a break from their busy schedule, they enjoyed a day of white water rafting on the River Nile.

White water rafting in Uganda
The Rifles during white water rafting in Uganda. Photo: Facebook/TheRiflesRegiment

Conducted by the whole multi-national group of trainers the rafting pushed comfort zones, exposed the Riflemen to controlled risk and was brilliant for team building.

Writing on their Facebook page, the Rifles said that “nothing makes you forget your differences and quickly make friends like the fear of overturning in the raging Nile!”

1 Rifles is a Regular Infantry Battalion based in Beachley Barracks, near Chepstow in Gloucestershire. The Battalion consists of around 550 Riflemen who deploy from their base location on training and operations worldwide. Originally part of 3 Commando Brigade, 1 Rifles is now part of 1st (UK) Division – which heads up the British Army Light Role Adaptable Force, optimised for the challenges of today, both within the UK and abroad.

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