Chris Froome helps cycling fan’s proposal after Tour de France victory

Tom Calverley proposes to his girlfriend with the help of Chris Froome. Photo: Twitter/SkyOrla

Yesterday, British Kenyan cyclist Chris Froome was crowed Tour de France winner for the fourth time, but in what was perhaps a first for the champion, he also assisted with a marriage proposal.

Video footage recorded by Sky Sports presenter Orla Chennaoui shows the moment a fan enlists Froome’s assitance for the special surprise just moments after he had completed the final stage of the gruelling race.

In the video, Tom Calverley introduces Froome to his girlfriend, Amy, before Froome passes a ring box to the hopeful groom-to-be.

“I’ve been carrying this around for three weeks with me”, Froome says before adding :”That’s yours”.

“Is that what almost made you lose it, do you think?” Mr Calverley asks before turning to his shocked partner and gets down on one knee as Froome remarks: “It’s pretty heavy.”

The woman can only murmur “oh my god” as she puts her hand over her mouth as her partner proposes.

His work done, Froome strolls off and talks to other fans as the couple share a celebratory kiss.

Thankfully, Orla’s follow up video confirmed the proposal as a success when the Sky journalist posted “And she said yes! Congratulations guys!”

Froome previously sealed his fourth Tour de France victory after previous wins in 2013, 2015 and 2016, becoming the first ever Briton to win the competition for the fourth time.

The Team Sky enjoyed near-perfect performance during the gruelling race and he described his achievement as an “amazing feeling.”

Speaking after his victory, he said: ‘I’m speechless. It’s just an amazing feeling. The Champs Elysees never disappoints.

“There’s just something magical about it when you’ve spent three weeks thinking about being here in this moment – it’s just so rewarding every time.
‘It’s amazing to see my wife and son again. It feels like more than a month on the road, so it was amazing to see them again.

“Each time I’ve won the Tour it’s been so unique, so different, such a different battle to get to this moment.

‘”They’re all so special in their own ways, and this year I think will be remembered for certainly being the closest and most hard-fought battle.

“It’s a huge honour to be talked about in the same sentence as those guys (to have won five Tours).

“I feel so privileged to even be in this position to be going for that record. I’ll definitely be celebrating tonight, so looking forward to it.”

Froome’s latest victory was secured by finishing 54 seconds ahead of Colombia’s Rigoberto Uran and he was supported during this year’s race by pupils from Banda School, which Froome attended while growing up in Kenya.

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