Edinburgh PhD student visits Nairobi to research volunteer projects

Jamie Thompson in Nairobi
Heriot-Watt PhD student Jamie Thompson tries a but of volunteering during his research in Nairobi. Photo: Twitter/JThompsonHW

Heriot-Watt PhD student Jamie Thompson is currently in Nairobi on a three-and-a-half week visit until 3 August.

He is in Kenya to research volunteer projects, and particularly how managers, volunteers and the local community feel about these projects and their value.

Speaking to Brits in Kenya, Jamie said: “I have had a great response from locals who have been happy to host me at their projects and talk to me about their work.”

However, what he was totally unprepared for was the Nairobi traffic, which he says has made travelling to multiple projects each day very challenging. It’s a problem he is sure those living in the capital can empathise with.

Even though his time in Kenya is coming to a close, Jamie is keen to fit in as many projects as possible.

“Despite the amazing response from locals here in Kenya, I still have time to meet more people while in Nairobi. If anyone who is involved in volunteer work would like to talk to me, then I would be very grateful,” the Edinburgh based student said.

If you would like to help Jamie out with his research, either while he is still in Kenya or after his return to the UK, you can do so by emailing him at Jt146@hw.ac.uk.

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