British Council Kenya discusses the importance of education in conflict and crisis

Tony Reilly
British Council Kenya Head, Tony Reilly, speaking at yesterday's meeting. Photo: Twitter/ke_British

Yesterday (August 31), the British Council Kenya hosted a meeting to discuss the importance of education in conflict and crisis along with DFID Research.

The Department for International Development (DFID) believes research is at the heart of their thinking. High quality research which generates strong and applicable evidence helps the DFID build good development programmes and can open up new possibilities and empower them to deal with difficult problems.

Speaking alongside the British Council Kenya Country Director, Tony Reilly, were Rachel Hinton and Christine Kolbe who are the Department for International Development’s Heads of the Education Research Team and East Africa Research Hub (EARH) respectively.

The EARH has four main objectives:

  • Supporting DFID country offices in the region to use and generate high-quality relevant research and evidence and;
  • Supporting regional relevant research which addresses key challenges for countries in the region or are cross-border issues.
  • Strengthening the research capacity and systems in East Africa
  • Promoting cross-UK government work on science, technology and innovation.

The first two objectives will be achieved through the Strategic Research and Evidence programme, which the East Africa Research Fund is supporting. The second two objectives will be met through the Research Systems Strengthening and Capacity Building programme.

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