Surprise donation for African Promise follows Birmingham to London walk

London to Birmingham walk for African Promise
Merryl and her friend on their walk from Birmingham to London. Photo: Facebook/AfricanPromise

Over last week’s UK Bank Holiday Weekend, British based Kenyan charity African Promise received a donation via their website from a name they didn’t recognise, which apparently doesn’t happen often.

As they always do, the charity wrote to thank donor Merryl, and to ask how they found out about African Promise.

What they received in return was the following story:

“My friend and I decided to walk from Birmingham to London over the bank holiday weekend. Due to busy schedules we didn’t end up planning it very well and…we found ourselves in Willoughby quite late at night with no hotel room.

“We enquired with a local pub about any spare rooms and your good friend Louis Phipps overheard the conversation and offered us a room. Whilst we were there he told us about your charity and we fell in love with the work that has already been done.

“So we decided to dedicate our long walk to London for your charity.”

The distance from Birmingham to London (via Willoughby) is just over 100 miles, so the pair covered a considerable distance by foot.

African Promise is a small but ambitious charity working to improve the quality and provision of primary education in rural Kenya by ensuring that schools are equipped to deliver an education worth having.

If you would like to donate to their work, you can do so via the African Promise website.

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