Airbnb offers traditional Kenyan experience in Maasai Hut from £34 per night

Maasai Hut Airbnb
The Maasai hut available for hire. Photo: Airbnb

A listing on travel site Airbnb is offering visitors the opportunity to stay in an authentic Maasai hut. The host promises you will be “immersed” in Maasai culture as soon as you arrive and by visiting the Maasai Community in Mile Tisa, nine miles from Namanga.

According to the listing, as soon as guests arrive they will be given a traditional outfit to keep until departure, and after settling into the hut will be welcomed by a dance troupe of ‘Moran’ who will perform around the fire.

Prior to bedding down for the night, guests will be served a delicious supper from an exclusively Masaai menu. However, guests will have the use of a shower and western style toilet.

Maasai Hut Airbnb
The Maasai hut available for hire. Photo: Airbnb

Activities guests can enjoy include a walk up the dark mountain which overlooks Kilimanjaro and Tanzania where they get the chance to see various wild animals.

The listing also says some visitors head to Amboseli National Park for the day while others prefer to stay behind and herd goats or cows for the day.

Apparently, “this care free life will very quickly help you to relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of city life.”

The reviews certainly back up this claim.

Included in the price is transport from Nairobi, food, dancing and all other necessities but they recommended guests bring their own water, warm clothes, and hand sanitiser.

Host Edmund is a teacher by profession currently living in Nairobi working for his self founded Xavier Project which provides education, employment and media opportunities for refugees living in urban areas.

If you would like to stay at the Maasai Hut, check out the listing on Airbnb.