African Promise ensure pupils are fed with latest delivery of food to partner schools

Makwasinyi Primary
Children at Makwasinyi Primary line up to collect their lunch. Photo: Facebook/africanpromise

The latest shipment of food from British based Kenyan charity African Promise was delivered to their partner schools last week in record quick time.

Following the delivery, just a day after it was ordered, children like those at Makwasinyi Primary are assured that their new kitchen will continue to provide them with a daily lunch until the school year ends.

Makwasinyi Primary School

Makwasinyi Primary is located in the most isolated of the villages in Kasigau, tucked away on its own on the eastern side of the mountain.

It is one of the five of the initial cluster of schools the charity have worked with since early 2009.

Four years after the charity became involved with the school, they completed a block of three new classrooms and connected ensured it was connected to the mains electricity supply.

Two years later, a block of four classrooms were reconstructed and the lunch programme began for nursery pupils, extended to all pupils the following year. More recently, a single extension to the nursery school has been completed.

As at all their partner schools, the charity have built a dedicated library, staffroom and office block, along with a nursery school.

In the past, the school has consistently been amongst the worst performing schools in the region, but the charity are determined to reverse this.

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