Lord Delamere takes hospital to court over late son’s medical records

Tom Cholmondeley’s father has initiated court proceedings to compel MP Shah Hospital to provide him with his late son’s medical records.

5th Baron Delamere, Hugh George Cholmondeley, claims the lack of a death certificate for his son is having an adverse affecting on the administration of his estate.

Tom’s medical records have never been released and autopsy report was inconclusive which has made it impossible for his family to get a death certificate.

In the case documents filed in court, Lord Delamere claimed the continued failure to be issued with a death certificate for his son has caused the family ongoing psychological torture.

“The direct consequence of the hospital’s unlawful action is that no letters of administration can be taken out in respect of the deceased for purposes of administering the said estate in accordance with the law and the wishes of my son.”

– Hugh George Cholmondeley

Hugh wants the court to declare that by denying them hospital records, the hospital has violated their rights, and that they should be compelled to release them. He also pursuing damages.

Tom died on August 17, 2016 while recuperating after undergoing hip replacement surgery.

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