Husband of murdered Australian teacher arrested by Kenyan police

Gabrielle Maina
Gabrielle Maina

The husband of a murdered Australian teacher has been arrested by Kenyan police.

Mother-of-two Gabrielle Maina was granted a restraining order just six months before she was brutally shot dead last week while walking home along Miotoni Road in the Nairobi suburb of Karen at about 10am.

Yesterday, Kenyan authorities confirmed that they had arrested Ms Maina’s estranged husband Cyrus Bernard Maina Njuguna and another man, John Njuguna Waithira, in relation to the crime.

Speaking to ABC, her lawyer George Kingori said: “She required a restraining order against the husband for constantly stalking, approaching her place of work and as well as the residence.”

“[He] would constantly show up at her place of work and was constantly sending messages. So, she needed that to stop and therefore approached us for assistance. She was afraid,” he added.

The order, which was granted in April, was a desperate measure taken in a bid to protect her and Mr Kingori has urged authorities to investigate her death after fears that it was the result of a targeted killing.

According to Mr Kingori, the shooting happened when she was kneeling and someone was standing over her.

Initially, local reports claimed she was attacked by ‘thugs riding boda bodas (taxi motorcycle)’ and was left to bleed out on the road after a botched robbery.

A post-mortem on Tuesday confirmed she had died from a single bullet hole to the neck. A9mm gun cartridge was recovered at the scene.

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