British troops help rebuild vital dam in Rift Valley

British troops have been helping local people re-build a vitally important dam in the rural community of Dol Dol, deep in Kenya’s central Rift Valley.

The British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) has supplied specialist engineering equipment as well as their own effort and expertise to repair the structure, ensuring fresh water for the Dol Dol area and reinforcing links with the local community.

“At Dol Dol Dam we are repairing the slipway because the dam was about to burst which would leave the community without any water. The whole community relies on this dam to supply their water for washing, drinking and feeding their animals. So it’s a critical piece that we hope by fixing it will allow them to sustain in this area.”

– Major Peter Barton, BATUK Community Engagement Officer

Dol Dol is situated in the high lands of Mount Kenya, Laikipia North, Mukogodo District. The population of approximately 20,000 present in this area are semi nomadic pastoralist Maasai.

This is just one of 60 to 80 projects which BATUK are involved in each year to help the local community.

These include waterworks, education, and health, providing free treatment to the people across the areas BATUK work in. This work helps the community see the direct benefit of having Britain there which strengthens the Unit’s partnership and relationship with them.


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