Tullow Oil reports new oil discovery in Turkana

Tullow Oil

London based Tullow Oil have announced more oil has been discovered in the Emekuya-1 well at the South Lokichar basin in Turkana, after a similar discovery in January in two other wells drilled last year.

“Downhole pressure measurements and fluid samples suggest that the main oil reservoir is on the same static pressure gradient as the Etom-2 well which demonstrates that a major part of the Greater Etom structure is oil-filled,” said the company, revealing it had drilled through 75 vertical metres of rock that holds oil.

“This is a good result. The well was drilled close to the Etom-2 well which was a very successful well drilled in late 2016. Finding more oil here in the northern part of South Lokichar basin is good news and will add more oil to the overall resources that we have in the basin. We found oil at Etom-2 and at Erut (in early 2017) and we are now trying to find out if there’s more oil in between these two oil discoveries.

“This is a very good start to this process. It shows us that the Greater Etom area (the part of the basin that goes beyond just the Etom discovery itself) does indeed have oil. We’ll have to drill more appraisal wells in the area to find out how much oil there is.” – Tullow’s Country Manager, Martin Mbogo

Exploration Director Angus McCoss added that they are now looking forward to both the remainder of the exploration in Kenya exploration as well as the “appraisal campaign in support of the ongoing work to prepare this important asset for full field development.”

This latest discovery comes two months after Tullow signed a production agreement with the Kenyan government which paved the way for the transportation of the first consignment of crude oil from Turkana fields to Mombasa for export.

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